A Response to Child Poverty…

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier today and saw a video by Russel Howard discussing child poverty. 

Click here to watch the video: Russel Howard – Children’s Poverty 

In amongst the humour this is such a serious issue that I think can be and is so easily over looked. Just reading some of the comments on this video really does show how oblivious some people are about the way some children and families are living and just want to blame.

This is an issue that really does hit me yet makes me so grateful for what I have been lucky enough to have growing up and the services we have in place when times get a little hard. However, there are still people living without food banks or free school meals, especially through school holidays (whether this is because they are unaware or ‘not entitled’ to the help).

So please if you have spare food that you can donate to your local food bank- DONATE IT!!  And food banks don’t just take food- think about the essentials that some people don’t have to worry about on a day to day basis! Toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo, pads and tampons!! If you have change left over at the end of the weekly budget think about how you could help!

A cheap tin of beans is 25p; add a cheap loaf of bread for 40p!! So spend £1.40 and you’ve fed a child beans on toast everyday for a week- that’s atleast one warm meal they will have everyday! It might not seem like much but it’s more than they have! Add in a 95p pack of 20 tampons and you’ve saved the dignity and hunger from a young girl for a grand total of £2.35!!!

So If you can go and help out people in your community who need help- they’re a lot closer than you may think!


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