Going Vegan..?

VEGAN! A word that is consumed by this stereotype of tree-hugging, meditating, health-freak herbivore who only eats fruit and vegetables. Now this may be a shock but this is FARRR from the truth.

Over the past few years many of my friends/ old school friends have explored the vegan lifestyle and this has probably been a main influence in my decision to explore veganism myself. With a whole variety of books, blogs and YouTube videos it has been a breeze to find a variety of sources to see how people have made their journey to a vegan lifestyle with diet choices and product choices (makeup and clothes etc.). From this, I have realised that the diet does not just consist of fruit and vegetables which was a great relief and once I realised some of my favourite snacks and animal cruelty free, the decision to change my ways was almost final.

So, what has taken me so long to decide to finally made the transition to a change in diet and lifestyle? I think it has mainly been the element of money in the past few months that has stopped me from as I have had no money in order to make a full transition; living the student life of soup and pasta. Yet, student loan comes in Monday and I am very excited to do my first fully vegan shop and start focusing on a healthier, animal cruelty free life.

My next blog is likely to be a haul of my first food shop and hopefully some new vegan recipes.

Until next time

Jo x


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