The Univeristy Tag…

So this blog is The University Tag inspired by Youtuber Alice Thorpe.

Where do you study? I study at the University of Worcester, which was my firm choice university.

What do you study? I study a joint honours course in Drama and Psychology.

What year are you in? I’m in my first year.

Do you live at home or at uni? I live at uni in halls of residence.

How old are you? I am 19 years old, but started university at the age of 18.

What are your 3 uni essentials? Doorstop- When I arrived at uni I had bought a pack of 10 doorsteps with me as I couldn’t find anywhere that sold just one doorstep on its own. nobody else had a doorstop so I offered everyone one and although this sounds odd it started conversation and created a great atmosphere as everyone had their doors open and  so we were all talking. We haven’t stop using them since. Speaker- This is an essential, especially if you love music. Listening to music helps you to relax, work out, revise and just fills awkward silences, so get a speaker. Extensions leads- These are the final essential I would choose. It’s just a must, particularly if your room has very few plug sockets, just be careful not to overload sockets as it can be a fire hazard, but no doubt your uni will constantly remind you about that.

What is your favourite meal to cook? My favourite meal is most definitely noodles stir fry. Its a quick and easy meal which I can cook in 15 minutes max and tastes delicious. You can do all sorts of noodle stir fry with a whole variety of flavours. Here’s a link to the recipe I use.

What is the latest you’ve been to the library? I haven’t actually stayed at or studied in the library as it’s a fair distance from my campus, but we do have an on-campus study centre and I think the latest I’ve been there is around 2 am. That’s not too bad is it?

Ever done an all-nighter to finish work? I haven’t ever done a full all-nighter with no sleep at all, but there was one occasion where my eyes saw 5 am and gave up on that essay.

Your favourite university moment so far? My favourite moment so far would be have to be the silly things that me and my flat mates do. Most of these are just side jokes so people probably won’t understand why they’re my favourite moments.

One piece of advice for a fresher. Enjoy it! That’s all I’m going to say. Just enjoy it. (If you want some more tips, check out my advice for freshers blog post).

Something you worried about for no reason. I worried an awful lot about struggling to make friends and how well I would get on with people but, when you get to uni you have to remember that a majority of people are in the same boat and just be yourself.

Hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to share your answers below.

Until next time

Jo x


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